Bendy Berry Yoga

Bendy Berry Yoga at Daisy
Daisy is very happy to offer yoga classes once a week to all of the older students, taught by Beth Houghton, the founder of Bendy Berry yoga. Beth is a wonderfully energetic teacher and does a fantastic job of bringing “Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness and Fun” to her young yoginis. We believe that introducing our students to yoga at this young age is a great way to tap into their natural energy and rhythm, helping them to be mindful and kind to each other. And it is a fantastic way to get some exercise and have a lot of fun. Daisy kids look forward to their sessions with Beth every week. Beth does yoga with the Rainbow room on Wednesday mornings at 10, with the Cloud and TK rooms together on Friday at 10, and with the Galaxy room on Fridays at 10:30. This yoga program is fully funded by Daisy, with no extra charge to parents. For more information on Bendy Berry, visit