Star Room

thumb imageKarla Monroy
Star Room Teacher

Philosophy: “I believe that when teaching young children it is important to provide a consistent routine that offers them predictability and security. I believe the activities we engage the children in need to be developmentally appropriate and appealing. Children learn so much from playing and they need to be allowed to make appropriate choices that will lead them to their own discoveries about their environment.”

Credentials: Karla has been a childcare provider since 1996 and is a fully licensed preschool teacher. She joined Daisy in 2004 and is the Head Teacher in Star Room. In addition to her work experience, Karla has taken classes in Early Childhood Development at Merritt College.

thumb imageYeshihareg “Yeshi” Zelele
Star Room Teacher

Philosophy:“I believe that play is vital to a child’s learning experience and helps them develop relationships with other children. I love seeing those relationships grow, watching them explore and have opportunities to express themselves.”

Credentials: Yeshi came to Daisy in 2004. She is a fully licensed teacher and has taken additional classes in Child Development at Merritt College and participated in a number of workshops given by Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.

thumb imageRosario Garcia
Star Room Teacher

Philosophy: I believe that children learn through play. This is how they make sense of the world around them. Children are very spontaneous, creative, and honest in their feelings. I believe that children also need appropriate limits, as well as a routine which provides predictability throughout their day. Teachers need to support them to express themselves, and interact with their peers in acceptable ways.

Credentials: Rosario has been in the United States for ten years now, and has a five year old daughter. She has been a caretaker of her neighbor’s children, as well as of her nephews. Rosario has taken several class in child development at Merritt College, and her goal is to obtain an AA in child development.

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