The teachers of Daisy Child Development Center bring our philosophy to life. They’ve come to us in number of different ways and from a number of different experiences, but they all share a love of children and are dedicated to helping each child grow.

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Irfan Habib
Became director in 2013


“I believe that when teaching young children, it is important to provide a consistent routine that offers them predictability and security. I believe the activities we engage the children in needs to be developmentally appropriate and appealing. Children learn so much from playing and they need to be allowed to make appropriate choices that will lead them to their own discoveries about their environment. We are partnering with parents as well to help teach children about their environments, themselves, and the world around them. This partnership between children, families, and teachers can help create and promote a passion for lifelong learning.

Working together we can help children grow into strong and caring individuals. I believe that the best place for a child to grow is where they feel they are loved. I want to help children learn at their own pace while challenging their intellect in an appropriate way for their age. I want to educate the “whole” child, including physical, mental, and emotional aspects of themselves and their relationships to the world around them.”

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Nikki Thomas

Galaxy Room Teacher

Total Teaching Experience: 16 years
Teaching Experience at Daisy : 15 year

Philosophy: “Children are little comedians and they make me laugh every day. It gives me joy to be with them. I like learning how they come up with their theories when they’re in the middle of constructing some kind of creation. I believe in giving the children as much freedom as possible to explore their environment and their relationships to others.”

Credentials: Nikki started her career in Early Childhood Education in 2004 at Parent-Child Development Center in Oakland and she joined the Daisy staff in 2006. Nikki has studied at Merritt College and Cal State East Bay for her Early Childhood Education teaching credentials.


We are delighted to inform that Nikki Thomas, our head teacher for Galaxy room, who has been part of Daisy since 2006 has won the prestigious preschool teacher award for 2015 from Habitot Children’s museum . We are indeed proud of Nikki’s achievement and are offering our heart felt congratulations. WAY TO GO NIKKI!

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Ronald W. Dickinson

Rainbow Room Teacher
Total Teaching Experience: 42 years
Teaching Experience at Daisy : 23 years

Philosophy: “Every child is a new ray of hope. I believe children thrive with exposure to social dynamics and that multicultural understanding, creativity and skills thrive in this environment. While some structure is necessary, I believe that freeform play has an important role in development.”

Credentials: Ron has been working in the childcare industry for over 30 years and he’s been at Daisy since 1994. Beyond his thousands of hours of experience, Ron earned an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from DeAnza Community College.


thumb imageFeyrouze Chunara



“I believe that children thrive if they have a balance between structured activities, and those that are self-chosen. All children need time to explore their environment, to discover and invent on their own. Play allows for this, therefore it is a good thing to protect. It is my intention to continue to support our developmentally appropriate curriculum.”


Feyrouze Chunara , proprietor of Daisy CDC, has always been passionate about education. She holds a masters degree in biochemistry, and taught at a university in Pakistan before relocating to the United States.

In the years following my son’s birth, I became interested in how children’s minds worked. Once I had my son, my passion changed to preschool. What better way to serve the community than to focus on children from birth through age five? The first five years of a child’s life are known to be the formative years. When children receive a strong foundation-quality education coupled with a commitment to provide a safe and loving environment, they stand an excellent chance of reaching their full potential as human beings, ready to take on challenges that will come their way!

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Catherina Hoang

Rainbow Room Teacher

Total Teaching Experience: 17 years
Teaching Experience at Daisy : 16 year

Philosophy: “I believe that the time children spend growing and learning in a safe, stimulating and loving environment will provide the foundation for their development for the rest of their lives.”

Credentials: Catherina has been at Daisy since 2004 and is currently working towards a degree in Early Childhood Development and Computer Skills. She came to Daisy after working at Parent-Child Development Center in Oakland, where she planned curriculum, handled child assessment and screenings, and worked in the classroom.

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Hoang Vo

Total Teaching Experience: 9 years
Teaching Experience at Daisy : 3 years

Philosophy:I believe that children learn through play. This is how they make sense of the world around them. Children are very spontaneous, creative, and honest in their feelings. I believe that children also need appropriate limits, as well as a routine which provides predictability throughout their day. Teachers need to support them to express themselves, and interact with their peers in acceptable ways

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Lisbeth Palma

Galaxy Room Teacher’s Assistant

Total Teaching Experience: 18 years
Teaching Experience at Daisy : 18 year

Philosophy: “I enjoy engaging children in arts and crafts, music, dance and sports. I also speak Spanish, my first language, to the children daily. I love working with children and appreciate their sense of humor. I want to help them learn new skills every day and to keep them safe.”

Credentials: Lisbeth joined the Daisy staff in 2000, first working in the Star Room before joining the Galaxy Rangers. Lisbeth has taken Extended Education classes in Child Development, learning about setting limits with children, and toddler curriculum.